♦  Our technicians handle all refrigerant under strict procedures in accordance with Clean Air Act Regulations.

♦  A minimum of 600 lbs is needed for each C & R project.

♦  Customer pays freight charges to and from our plant.  

♦  Join our long list of satisfied Customers and let us show you how we can save your Company money and increase profits.  

  • Send us your recovered R22 or other refrigerant

  • We clean it to ARI-700 Purity Standard

  • A sample is Certified at an Independent Testing Laboratory

  • We package into industry standard cylinders or drums in the size you require

  • Your pure, certified R22 or other refrigerant is returned to YOU

  • All for the low cost up to 70% or more off the cost of new

    Easy  ~  Fast  ~  Saves Money
Clean & Return Program

Example - R22